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Boating Accidents

Our attorneys have litigated claims involving injuries that occur as a result of a boating incident. Unfortunately, when a boating accident occurs, some people are left severely injuries and in some cases there are fatalities. In just about every case, a boating accident can be prevented. The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and our state legislature have enacted laws that address the same operation of a boat. Our attorneys are familiar with these laws and use them to establish a claim of negligence per se as to the negligent operator.

Attorney Henry was successful in having a matter remanded back to state court when the insurance company removed a boating accident to federal court.  Fortunately, for his client, Attorney Henry appeared to have a better understanding of maritime jurisdiction that the lawyer that was hired by the insurance company.

The circumstances of each boating accident may be different.  For example, in some cases you may have been injured on a jet-ski or personal watercraft.  Other cases may have occurred because the operator of the boat was intoxicated.  All our lawyers have handled driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor cases, therefore, we know what to look for when establishing someone was intoxicated.  In some cases, we will have breath test that was administered by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.  This is significant because we work with expert toxicologists that can opine what the operator’s blood alcohol concentration was at the time the accident occurred.  Our attorneys will evaluate your case and the circumstances surrounding your particular accident to uncover each of the factors that contributed to the negligence in the accident.