Personal Injury

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. Many of us rely on our cars to go to work and to run our errands. With so much time spent in our car, accidents are sometimes inevitable. While there may be the occasional fender benders and minor repairs, some car accidents can actually cause life-threatening injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, speak with our New Milford car accident attorneys today.

Immediately after an accident, you should seek medical attention. The next thing you should do is find a local, trusted law firm to represent you. Here at Allingham, Readyoff & Henry, LLC we are determined to help victims of car accidents pursue the compensation they deserve and see that justice is served. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality representation every step of the way.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is stressful enough. Dealing with insurance companies is time consuming and often confusing.

Whether the car accident involves a damaged car or injuries, what can add overwhelming insult to injury is dealing with the insurance company — especially if the insurance company is fighting you over compensation you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. You shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of conflict. This is where we can help you.

Our attorneys at Allingham, Readyoff & Henry, LLC., have built a reputation as knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate advocates for the people. We’ve recovered millions upon millions of dollars for injured drivers and passengers who suffered sometimes life-altering injuries through no fault of their own. Whether it’s a car accident settlement or a car accident lawsuit going to trial, our attorneys are ready to fight for you.

The monetary value of your claim will likely hinge on the ability of the attorney to collect, analyze, and present evidence.  If you have suffered any degree of injury, we may be able to help obtain money that is significantly higher than what the insurance company is offering.

Our attorneys can begin preparing your claim by:

  • Collecting police and accident scene reports;
  • Questioning witnesses;
  • Reconstructing the accident scene;
  • Taking photographs of the scene, damage, and injuries;
  • Analyzing medical reports;
  • Contacting expert witnesses to review evidence; and
  • Speaking with insurance providers on your behalf.

Based on what we’ve seen when handling these cases the insurance company or negligent party from which you are attempting to collect compensation will work to categorize your injury as temporary, rather than permanent. Your attorney can collect and organize evidence on your behalf to rebut the defendant’s claims.  Moreover, our attorneys rely heavily on visual electronic evidence when presenting your case to a jury or a judge.   Studies show that jurors retain more of what they see as opposed to what they hear.  Therefore, when possible, our attorneys will present surveillance videos that may capture the accident; overhead Google earth images that will show the layout of the road; and diagnostic imaging so the treating physician can show the jury what is causing the victims pain.

Product Defects and Product Liability

Life-altering injuries occur each year as the result of defective products.  While all accidents are unfortunate, these are particularly troublesome due to the fact that most of the injuries and deaths that result from defective products could have been prevented very easily.  In such instances, sellers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributers are all held liable for selling defective and dangerous products.

Our trial attorneys will review your case to determine who is responsible for the injuries you have sustained.  In some instances, products have been designed defectively.  This means that anyone who uses the product can be injured.  In some instances, if these products had been fully tested, they would not have become available to the consumer.  In other instances, the issue lies in the manner in which the product was manufactured, which is known as a manufacturing defect.  Our lawyers can determine whether any party involved in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of the product acted negligently.

It is imperative that your lawyer retain a liability expert to opine whether the product is defective.  The failure to do so may result in the dismissal of your case.  The attorneys at Allingham, Readyoff & Henry, LLC., have worked with experts all over the country.  Put simply, the top experts are not necessarily local.   Our attorneys attempt to find the most qualified expert in the particular field.

Our lawyers have handled a wide spectrum defective products that include, but are not limited to: exploding lithium ion batteries, defective component parts in an all terrain vehicle (ATV), defective medical devices, injuries caused by foreign objects in food, and defective furniture (tables, chairs, etc).  Manufacturers are strictly liable for dangerous products that they make available for the public.  Our lawyers hold those manufactures and sellers of dangerous products responsible, while compensating the victim.

Please keep in mind that insurance companies and self-insured manufactures are incredibly difficult to deal with.  Their ultimate goal is to pay you as little money as possible.  Our trail attorneys work to make certain that our rights are not violated, while maximizing your compensation.  Before speaking with an insurance adjuster, whose job it is to protect the interests of their company and to reduce your claim, you should contact our lawyers to advise you as to your options.

Slip and Fall

“Slip and fall” or “trip and fall” cases often occur through no fault of our own.  Your accident and your related injuries may have been caused by a property owner who is negligent, one who knew about the issue on their property and failed to address it.  The property owner is required to keep their property in a safe condition so that people are not injured.  It is not unusual for people to suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of a fall.  A fall can leave you with an injury which impacts your daily life as well as your ability to work.

Slip and fall cases include faulty steps or railings, obstructions, spills on a floor that have been left unattended, or any other issue the owner of the property knew about but did not “address.”  In Connecticut, most cases hinge on whether the property owner had “notice” of the dangerous condition.  In most cases, it is difficult to prove that the owner knew about the dangerous condition that caused the fall.  Therefore, our attorneys typically have to prove whether the owner had “constructive notice” that is that the owner should have known about the dangerous condition.  Our attorneys may prove constructive notice a number of ways.  First, it is not unusual to have a private investigator to locate witnesses and perform an inspection and determine whether this a recurring condition.  Second, we hired expert engineers to determine whether the defective condition was caused by violation of a building code, fire code or other safety code.  Finally, our attorneys through discovery will obtain inspection reports, logs and other documentary evidence that may establish “notice.”   We will also take depositions of witnesses and other agents of the owner to prove the case.

Cases such as this are complex and require the knowledge and experience of our trained attorneys.

Boating Accidents

Our attorneys have litigated claims involving injuries that occur as a result of a boating incident.  Unfortunately, when a boating accident occurs, some people are left severely injuries and in some cases there are fatalities.  In just about every case, a boating accident can be prevented.  The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and our state legislature have enacted laws that address the same operation of a boat.  Our attorneys are familiar with these laws and use them to establish a claim of negligence per se as to the negligent operator.

Attorney Henry was successful in having a matter remanded back to state court when the insurance company removed a boating accident to federal court.  Fortunately, for his client, Attorney Henry appeared to have a better understanding of maritime jurisdiction that the lawyer that was hired by the insurance company.

The circumstances of each boating accident may be different.  For example, in some cases you may have been injured on a jet-ski or personal watercraft.  Other cases may have occurred because the operator of the boat was intoxicated.  All our lawyers have handled driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor cases, therefore, we know what to look for when establishing someone was intoxicated.  In some cases, we will have breath test that was administered by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.  This is significant because we work with expert toxicologists that can opine what the operator’s blood alcohol concentration was at the time the accident occurred.  Our attorneys will evaluate your case and the circumstances surrounding your particular accident to uncover each of the factors that contributed to the negligence in the accident.

Explosion or Fire Injuries

If you have suffered injuries due to an explosion or fire, we understand your injuries are quite difficult to deal with and it is of utmost importance to have attorneys who can assist you in handling all aspects of your claim so you may focus on your health.

Accidents of this nature are devastating and we understand that it is important to uncover what happened through the use of experts.  Our personal injury lawyers retain leading experts in the field to get you the results you deserve.