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Real Estate

The Biggest Decision of Your Life: Buying a Home

It is not a decision people take lightly.  Whether it is your first home, a rental property, a retirement home, or a vacation property, our trained legal team is prepared to assist with all of the details leading up to the closing including lender requirements and negotiating contractions.  In addition, we expertly handle all of the details related to the actual closing.  We focus on all areas of real estate sales, which include but are not limited to:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Residential closings
  • Residential leases
  • Commercial closings
  • Commercial leases
  • Short sales
  • Mortgage foreclosure defense

Whether you’re in the process of purchasing or selling real estate; or involved with a property dispute, our New Milford real estate lawyers at Allingham, Readyoff & Henry, LLC., have the experience to meet your legal needs.

The process of buying real estate is complex and requires careful research and planning.  Hiring the right lawyer for real estate closing is essential.  Many real estate lawyers have never stepped foot in a courtroom, however, ours have been doing so on a weekly basis for years.  If the opposing party breaches the contract or made material misrepresentations regarding the property in question, our lawyers are prepared to litigate and address the wrong.  When considering hiring a real estate lawyer, as that lawyer when the last time they took a case to trial.

We represent clients in New Milford and surrounding towns including but not limited to:  New Fairfield, Newtown, Danbury, Kent, Torrington, Warren, Litchfield, Bridgewater, Goshen, Roxbury, Southbury, Sherman, Brookfield, Bantam and Washington.

Negotiating Lease Agreements:  Our trained real estate lawyers have the experience to anticipate issues that the average renter or property owner might not be up-to-date on.  When a lawyer for real estate reviews a rental agreement, their experience will uncover possible issues that may arise later.  It is important that these details are addressed prior to the signing of the contract.

Protect your Interests:  A lawyer for real estate will review legal documents pertaining to the property before they are signed.  Even the slightest of error in these documents can lead to major problems down the road.

Types of Real Estate Litigation: Landlord-tenant issues and disputes are unfortunately very common.  If you are in a disagreement with your tenant or your landlord in regards to your lease agreement, services, or any other issues pertaining to tenancy, our New Milford, Connecticut law firm can help.  We also handle ownership disagreements, mortgage and leasing disputes, breaches of contract, and more.  As trained litigation attorneys, our team can achieve the results you need in a real estate litigation case.

Real Estate Scams:  Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, lawyers have found themselves the victim of real estate scams.  This has cost their clients hundreds and thousands of dollars and in some cases, in excess of one million dollars.  Unfortunately, a lawyer’s malpractice and general liability insurance company will not cover this claim.  Fortunately, our law firm has adopted practices that will not allow our law firm to fall prey to a scam.  Moreover, our lawyer firm covers cyber insurance that protects our clients in the unlikely even a scam or a hack.  A fairly simple scam that has been used lately is a hacker will send an email to the attorney that appears to be from the client who is selling the property.  The hacker will use an email address very similar to the client.  The email will include wiring instructions for the attorney.  The attorney then wires the sale proceeds to another country and the money is gone.   Our attorneys and staff know never to accept wiring instructions by email and confirm everything over the phone with the bank.

Resolving a Property Dispute Through Litigation: The litigation process starts with examining the nature of the property dispute. Real estate law is a broad category, and the nature of disputes that fall under that category can involve, but are not limited to:

  • Breach of contract, such as between a tenant and a landlord
  • Disputes over contract terms, fees, etc.
  •  Property damages
  • Disagreements between partners who jointly own and/or manage a property
  • Failure to perform fiduciary duties
  • Disputes over boundaries and property lines
  • Partition action (the need to divide a property into individual shares among joint owners)
  • Claims to title
  • Real estate investment disputes
  • Transaction and purchase disputes

These claims can come from an equally diverse range of claimants, including residential or commercial tenants and landlords, investors, brokers, and businesses.

As a result of that range of factors, every property dispute is unique.

Who Can Resolve my Property Dispute?

Working through a case that involves a dispute over property requires the skill and expertise of an experienced attorney.   Our lawyers can examine your situation, use his or her knowledge in the associated law to build your case, and increase your chances of getting your just due.

Because many of these disputes involve contracts and other documents that are important to the case, it is in your best interest to work with an attorney who can make sure that all of the correct documents are collected and the language is translated for your understanding.  This will allow you to approach the case armed with everything you need to be successful.


Likewise, dealing with disputes of this nature can be an emotional process. An attorney can help you with the case in a rational manner that will lessen the likelihood of overlooked evidence.